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1939Films-4x6handbill-GUNGADINNewtown Celebrates the Greatest Year in Film:  1939

This year, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of “The Greatest Year in Film” through screenings of 1939 Academy Award nominees and other notable films, at the Edmond Town Hall.  The 2014 Sunday Cinema Series will run one Sunday each month from May through December, 2014.

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Win $750 in Festival Artwork Competition!


We’re looking for new and original art that illustrates “Newtown Arts & Culture”.

The winning artist will receive $750, and the winning image will be used to promote the 2014 Newtown Arts Festival.  Deadline for submissions is February 15, 2014.  (Refer to “Guidelines” for details.)

Your artwork could become next year’s branding image in Newtown Arts Festival on Facebooknewspapers, online, and on posters, which will appear in businesses and public spaces around Newtown and surrounding towns. The image will also be printed on t-shirts, and other gift shop items that will be available for purchase at the Newtown Arts Festival.

This competition is open to any artist, of any age, from anywhere, however the theme of the work must be “Newtown Arts & Culture”.  Please click the information below for all the details.

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